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Come see why Keller Williams is the #1 real estate company in the world.

The Keller Williams Difference.

Here’s how we help you have the most successful real estate career possible.


Profit Share

Growth Opportunities

Coaching & Training


Referral Network

Technology that makes you unstoppable.

KW Command

Your home base to manage your entire business.


Streamline your transactions and take advantage of data-driven forecasting software.  All prospecting and sales activity condensed on one easy to see page.


  • Linked to the local MLS for easy importing of listing data.
  • View All upcoming appointments
  • See all active prospects
  • Track all sales contracts
  • Calculate Potential closed commissions based on future probability
  • Electronic signature 

Smart Plans

Automate your business to create digital leverage


  • Set-it-and-forget it marketing plans for your Prospects, Listings, Contract-to-Close, and After-sale business
  • Reminders and automation for when to call, email, or to-do your prospects and clients. 
  • Use KW templates or customize to your needs
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Text message system included for listing signage or ads

Lead Accelerator

Create marketing campaigns for social media, Google Ads and Farming postcards.


  • One portal to create ads for multiple social networks
  • Create digital ads for Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Twitter and Zillow
  • Easy and intuitive software allows you to create ads in just a few minutes without advanced knowledge. 
  • Select marketing goals for each ad such as Attract Listings, Advertise Listing, Attract Talent or Brand Awareness
  • Create and send mailers for any of for your farming campaigns
  • Create templates to easily use again for future needs

Sketch House

Your very own design center to create engaging visual marketing pieces – simply and easily.


  • Easy to use drag & drop. No graphic design experience needed.
  • Premade templates or create your own
  • Create listing flyers, postcards, email templates, listing presentations and more.
  • See what your design looks like on desktop, phone or tablet as you create it


Stay connected with your team, market center or any KW agent


  • Like Facebook Groups that lives inside KW Command
  • Share calendars, resources and files
  • Chat feature allows you to quickly communicate with team or Group members
  • Create or join masterminds Groups
  • Conversation history saved
  • Designed for mobile use on-the-go


Your personal assistant – without the coffee breaks.

Meet Kelle, your Keller Williams personal assistant. Kelle is the first AI partner who knows all about real estate and your business. Manage your database, find info quickly, track your goals, check your schedule, and grow your referral network – anytime, anywhere.

Kelle simplifies your life, helps you run your business, and doesn’t take vacations.

With Kelle, you can easily:

  • Get questions answered (e.g. “How many closings do I need to reach my goal?”)
  • Manage your agent-to-agent referrals and grow your network (e.g. “Show me the status of my referrals”)
  • Find listings quickly and easily (e.g. “Show me listings in [city, state] [ZIP code]”)
  • Manage your database (e.g. “Add John Smith to my database”, “Add a quick note for John Smith”, “Show me contacts not contacted in the last 3 months”)
  • Find and follow an associate on KWConnect (e.g. “Find agent Scott Layson”)
  • Discover new content on KWConnect (e.g. “Show me new videos added to Connect this week”)

Kelle is artificial intelligence which means its capabilities increase every day the more we use it.  This is just the beginning of what Kelle will be able to do for you in your business!

KW Consumer App

Home search just got personal.

The new KW consumer app will create an experience that keeps your clients and prospects coming back.


  • Home DNA
  • Transaction timeline in app shows consumer what’s happening in real time with their home purchase or sale
  • Collaborate/Private Discussions/Invite People
  • Easy “Schedule a Tour” option
  • Add list of vendors for client concierge
  • Collections (Great for ranking showings)
  • Neighborhood information powered by
  • Homeowners can claim their home and see market stats for their neighborhood, Airbnb rental estimates or just push a button to contact you to sell their home.

Passive Income for the rest of your life.

Profit Share

Over $1Billion shared with KW agents to date.

Profit Share Explained

  • An associate joins any Keller Williams Market Center and names you as their sponsor. (1st Level)
  • Your sponsored agent becomes productive and pays Company Dollar to their Market Center
  • During the month the agent paid Company Dollar, their Market Center also must be profitable.
  • On the 21st of the following month, some of the Market Center’s profit is automatically deposited into your account.
  • You become vested in Profit Share for life after 3 years and a day. (This means should you ever decide to leave KW, you will still receive Profit Share.)
  • If someone names one of the people you sponsored as your sponsor, then they go into your “2nd Level.”  The Profit Share system can continue to grow like this up to 7 levels.
  • The same thing applies if you sponsor someone outside the U.S., but this is called Growth Share

The land of opportunity.

KW Opportunity Map

Whatever your goals are, we have a route for you to achieve them.

Your network creates your net worth.

Referral Network

Generate more income through our worldwide referral network of over 150,000 agents.

Send Referrals to Agents
Send referrals to trusted agents in your network, setting rates, expiration dates and other conditions.


Receive Referrals from Agents
Allow your track record and expertise to speak for itself. With Referrals, you can search KWConnect and select qualified agents to add to your network. Make sure your KWConnect profile is up to snuff so that you are putting your best foot forward!
Track All Referrals
You won’t be left in the dark once you’ve sent out a referral. Manage your referrals easily through KWConnect or Kelle, so you can connect clients with agents, negotiate deals, and track transactions – anytime, anywhere.


Broadcast Referrals
Fan out referrals to a large group of agents to find the perfect match for your client. Hone your search by production at a hyperlocal level. Client information will be kept confidential until you award the referral.

#1 Training Company in the World.

Coaching & Training

World class training that provides a roadmap to achieving your goals.

Maps Coaching

Maps Coaching simply put offers the most aggressive real estate training in the industry.  Top performing associates who enroll in Maps Coaching report a staggering 281% increase in homes sold. The 7-week Bold course is by far the most popular Maps training and is considered life-changing by many of the agents who complete it.

KW Connect

Designed as a comprehensive education and training platform, KWConnect enables agents to build meaningful connections with other agents, communicate and collaborate with ease and share valuable content. Watch videos, read scripts, discover new winning strategies and more!


The #1 training course for new or seasoned agents who would like to close at least 16 transactions per year using proven systems and models. Fill your pipeline, focus on activities that generate results and learn powerful scripts.

Productivity Coach

Each market center has a Productivity Coach available for its agents. These coaches provide the accountability and strategies for agents to produce consistently at a high level.

Live Events

There are two events that Keller Williams agents look forward to every year:  Family Reunion and Mega Camp provide a platform to hear success secrets from the top 1% of our company and to network with real estate agents across the country.  These are the places to be if you want to gain invaluable insight and take your business to the next level.

Specialized Courses

Sometimes you just want to have laser-focus on a certain niche or strategy. Agents from all over the world provide specialized courses and masterminds, many of which take place right in your market center. Just keep an eye on the training calendar and pick the one that’s right for you.

We rise by lifting others up.

KW Culture

Supporting our family of agents and community.

KW Cares

Started by Keller Williams agents who felt the urge to help support fellow KW associates facing financial hardship due to major emergencies. The program has become the heart of the Keller Williams culture in serving the higher purposes of business through charitable giving in the market centers and communities where KW associates live and work.  What other company has your back like that?

Red Day

Each year on the second Thursday of May, associates spend the day away from their businesses serving worthy organizations and causes in their communities. RED Day is just another example of our commitment to each other and to the cities and towns where we live and work.

KW Kids Can

An educational nonprofit founded to engage the next generation of entrepreneurs and world leaders in conversations that matter. The program teaches young adults how to gain their edge in an increasingly competitive world. Students walk away with concrete tools that help them pursue the life they desire.

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